Sweet Treats for Sweet Events

There are so many special life events to celebrate! Whether you are throwing a baby shower, bridal shower, or birthday party, Cream & Flutter creates beautiful custom dessert and favor designs for every important milestone.

Want to indulge in a custom designed dessert and make your event unforgettable? Read our custom design guidelines before placing your order with Cream & Flutter. We require the date of your event, your budget, and your design vision to offer a general estimate.

Custom Design Guidelines

  • Place your order at least 7 days in advance. We create many custom cakes over the course of several days to ensure beauty and stability. A week or longer gives our talented bakers and artists adequate time to prepare, craft, and bring your vision to life exactly as you picture it.
  • Identify your budget. We want our desserts to meet your expectations for both appearance and cost. If you aren’t sure what you want to spend, give a range or a ballpark figure. We cannot offer any estimates without a given dollar amount.
  • Describe your design vision. Share your inspiration with us! Send us pictures, sketches, and written descriptions. Not sure what you’re after? Tell us about your event: party invitations, décor, and your event space all can inspire beautiful and cohesive dessert designs.
  • If your order is very large or placed on shorter notice, we may require a non-refundable $30 consultation fee to provide a firm price and drawings of the final design. This deposit is applied directly to the cost of your order and does not increase the total cost.
  • We must receive payment in full 72 hours in advance of the event date. If an order is unpaid at this time, we must assume you no longer want the order and it will not be produced.

Custom Design Pricing

The minimum price for a custom cake involving fondant work is $105. This covers materials and the time of our artists, since most pieces must be hand-sculpted. The minimum price for custom fondant cupcakes is $7 per cupcake, and $75 per order. Fondant is necessary for designs that require dark or saturated colors, figurines, detailed shapes, or most tiered cakes. We cannot offer carved, shaped, or character cakes.

Delivery is available! Quotes are based on cost of transportation and staff labor. Our minimum delivery fee is $40.

Custom Design Gallery