With superior taste and texture in mind, we have personally developed our own cupcake and frosting recipes to produce a product that truly impresses. Each Cream & Flutter pastry is made from scratch using only the best ingredients, including imported chocolates, cocoa powders, butters, and flavorings, as well as fresh, natural dairy products and eggs from local farms. Balancing innovative, seasonal flavor combinations with approachable homespun comfort, Cream & Flutter completely redefines the standard for cupcakes.


Sometimes a beautiful layer cake is exactly what your special occasion requires. At Cream & Flutter, we are happy to make it for you. Created from exactly the same recipes customers have come to love in our most popular cupcakes, our four-layer round cakes are made-to-order and can be customized to coordinate with any party theme.

Cookies & Brownies

With all of those amazing ingredients sitting in our kitchen, we simply could not resist adding cookies and brownies to our menu. Some days we want to curl up with a big, soft chocolate chip cookie or a gooey dark chocolate brownie and a cold glass of Kilgus Farmstead Milk. And some days we swoon over more delicate treats, like our beautiful Pinwheel French Macarons. Instead of making you choose, we decided to offer them all. Stop by the shop to enjoy our current seasonal offerings or get in touch with our custom designer for a selection crafted just for your whims. Perfect by themselves or as part of a dessert table, cookies are just one more thing to love about Cream & Flutter.


With their bright colors and quirky names, our selection of boutique candies are as bewitching to adults as they are to children. Imported directly from the UK, our sweets are a thrilling discovery for the candy lover, combining extraordinary flavors and textures with lovely packaging. Sold in beautiful jars, bags, and by the pound, we carry a variety of unique candies such as Sherbert Lemons, Strawberry Bon-Bons, Champagne Bubbles, and Toffeed Chocolate Almonds. Our boutique sweets make fantastic gifts, stunning party favors, and beautiful table displays. Fancy that!

Ice Cream

If a perfect pairing exists for Cream & Flutter Cake, it is certainly Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Sourcing all-natural ingredients from the local Ohio countryside surrounding their kitchen, Jeni’s creates a super-premium ice cream that is both delicious and responsible. We love their inspiring seasonal flavor combinations and adore their vintage branding. Ask us for a scoop or take home a pint to share. We also offer Jeni’s Ice Creams sandwiched between our killer homemade cookies and layered with our extra-moist cakes in fabulous parfait jars. Are we serious? Of course we are. We’ve just taken cake and ice cream to a whole new level.

Coffee & Tea

We consider our partnership with Counter Culture coffee to be beautiful representation of community and collaboration.  From their fanaticism for quality to their passion for building transparent, lasting relationships with artisan farmers, Counter Culture makes us feel great about drinking great coffee!  In addition to a traditional menu of Toscano espresso drinks, we brew Farmhouse Organic in a french press style and also feature a monthly single origin coffee in a Chemex pour-over format.    Equally exquisite are our whole leaf teas handcrafted by Bellocq Tea Atelier. Bellocq instantly stole our hearts with their beautiful approach to tea and we adore everything about their brand, from their packaging to the feeling we get from sipping a cup of their tea.  Bellocq’s evocative artisan blends unite traditional elements of fine teas with a modern, adventurous spirit — a perfect little escape from your everday.


As a way to expand the Cream & Flutter style for selections beyond our own pastries, we began to carry a unique assortment of retail items. We seek out artisans who are creating beautiful and inspiring products, and who share our commitment to excellence and community.  Our goal is to bring you an independently curated collection wherein superb quality intersects with innovative design.  On any given day, you will likely find small batch chocolate bars, light-as-a-cloud marshmallows, and loose leaf teas, as well as, fabulous fragrances from boutique suppliers of candles, hand cremes, and perfumes.  Cream & Flutter retail products are a way for us to highlight and support other fantastic brands, while giving our customers a few more options for sweet little indulgences.