Bojangles Breakfast Hours

Bojangles serves breakfast until 10:30 AM, but does not serve breakfast items all day. Bojangles is a chain restaurant that specializes in Southern-style fast food, primarily known for their biscuits and fried chicken.

Bojangles is a popular fast food restaurant known for its Southern-style cuisine, particularly their biscuits and fried chicken. If you are looking for information on Bojangles breakfast hours, you will be pleased to know that they serve breakfast until 10:30 AM, but do not offer breakfast items all day.

Bojangles’ sides include coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, dirty rice, French fries, green beans, and French fry seasoning. They also offer a lunch menu and a variety of other meal options. If you want to try Bojangles’ delicious food, you can find a location near you by searching online.

Bojangles Breakfast Hours


Bojangles Breakfast Hours


Frequently Asked Questions For Bojangles Breakfast Hours

Does Bojangles Serve Around All Day?

Yes, Bojangles serves breakfast all day. However, the exact time when they transition from breakfast to lunch may vary by location. It’s best to check with your local Bojangles restaurant for their specific hours.

Where Is Bojangles From?

Bojangles is from Charlotte, NC.

What Time Does Bojangles Start Serving Breakfast?

Bojangles serves breakfast starting at 5:00 am every day.

What Time Does Bojangles Stop Serving Breakfast?

Bojangles stops serving breakfast at 10:00 am every day.

Does Bojangles Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Bojangles does not serve breakfast all day. They stop serving breakfast at 10:00 am.


Knowing the Bojangles breakfast hours is crucial for all biscuit lovers out there. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, there is a biscuit meal on the menu waiting for you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to start your day with a delicious breakfast, and make sure to check the exact breakfast to lunch transition time in your local Bojangles.

Visit their website for more information about the menu and locations.

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