Costco Catering Menu

Costco Catering Menu

Costco offers a range of party platters and deli foods for catering, with options like fruit, cheese, and meat platters available for purchase. It is recommended to order platters in advance to ensure availability and timely delivery for events.

Looking for convenient and affordable catering options for your next party or event? Look no further than Costco! With a variety of party platters and deli foods available for purchase, Costco makes it easy to feed a crowd without breaking the bank.

From fruit, cheese, and meat platters to premade meals for a crowd, Costco’s catering menu has something for every occasion. Just be sure to order in advance to ensure availability and timely delivery for your event. Learn more about Costco’s catering menu and prices so you can plan your next gathering with ease.

Costco Catering Menu


Costco Catering Menu: Everything You Need To Know

For any occasion or gathering, Costco catering menu has everything you need. Their platters and trays are perfect for serving large crowds with their wide variety of options. To navigate the ordering process, simply visit their website or in-store. It is recommended to order Costco party platters 48 hours in advance to ensure availability. The menu offers different types of platters, including meat and cheese, shrimp, sandwich, fruit, and vegetable. Delivery is available, but note that there may be a delivery fee. Before ordering, consider the size of your crowd, dietary restrictions, and budget. Costco catering prices are reasonable and worth the money, with options as low as $32.99. Take advantage of their deli section for more premade meals for your crowd.

Pros Cons
Affordable prices 48 hours advanced order
Wide variety of platters and trays Delivery fee
Delivery available Not all locations offer catering services
Costco Catering Menu


Costco Catering Menu


Frequently Asked Questions Of Costco Catering Menu

Do You Have To Order Costco Platters In Advance?

Yes, it is recommended to order Costco platters in advance to ensure availability. It is best to pre-order at least 48 hours in advance from their deli department or through their online ordering system.

Does Costco Do Fruit Platters?

Yes, Costco does offer fruit platters as part of their catering menu. They also offer a cheese, meat, and fruit platter that is perfect for any get-together. It’s important to note that some stores may require advance orders for their catering options.

What Is Included In Costco Catering Menu?

Costco catering menu includes a variety of deli platters, sandwiches, sushi, fruit platters, and more.

How Much Do Costco Party Platters Cost?

Costco party platters vary in price depending on the type and size of platter you choose. Prices start at $9. 99.

Can I Order Costco Party Platters Online?

Yes, you can order Costco party platters online through the Costco website or mobile app.


It is a fact that Costco Catering offers a wide variety of delicious and affordable options that satisfy every palate and budget. Whether it’s for a small gathering or a big event, Costco has got you covered. With various platters, desserts, and sides to choose from, it’s easy to create an impressive spread without spending a fortune.

Plus, their convenient online ordering system and excellent customer service make the whole process seamless. Don’t hesitate to order from Costco Catering for your next celebration. Your guests will thank you!

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