Cracker Barrel Catering Menu

Cracker Barrel Catering Menu With Prices (Updated 2024)

Cracker Barrel provides a catering menu featuring buffet-style or individually plated full meals, along with a range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, catering to the significance of choosing suitable food for events or gatherings.

Cracker Barrel provides a varied catering menu covering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, offering buffet and individual plate options. The menu features classics such as country fried chicken and biscuits, pot roast, and vegetarian choices.

Additionally, the availability of curbside pickup or delivery makes catering a convenient choice for any event. Whether it’s a corporate meeting or a family reunion, Cracker Barrel’s catering menu offers a variety of options to suit everyone’s needs.

Cracker Barrel Catering Menu

Cracker Barrel Catering Types

Cracker Barrel provides a variety of catering services tailored to meet different needs. They offer full-service catering for events like weddings and business meetings. Their all-day breakfast catering includes items like pancakes, biscuits, sausages, and bacon. For lunch and dinner, they provide a delivery service for hot entrées, sides, and desserts, featuring American and southern-inspired dishes. Additionally, Cracker Barrel has party platters suitable for gatherings, including cheese, vegetable, and fruit trays, appetizers, and sandwiches. These services ensure a convenient and quality dining experience for any event.

Cracker Barrel Catering Menu

The Cracker Barrel Catering Menu provides various packages for any event. The All Day Breakfast Catering option allows for breakfast items to be enjoyed at any time. Full Service Catering, offering buffet-style or individually plated meals, is available. Party Platters are ideal for group sharing. The Lunch & Dinner Catering Options include a selection of entrees, sides, and desserts. Customizable Catering Packages can be tailored to meet specific preferences. Cracker Barrel supports online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery services for convenient event planning. Explore their catering menu online and place an order to experience their tasty offerings at your next gathering.

Here are three tables representing the different options available on the Cracker Barrel Catering Menu:

Complete Meals

Sunday Homestyle Chicken or Smoky Southern Grilled Chicken SaladSalads with chicken, greens, vegetables, croutons, and dressing10
Various Homestyle FavoritesChoose from classics like Chicken Fried Chicken, Roast Beef, Turkey n’ Dressing, Sugar Ham, and Fried Catfish10

Individually Plated Meals

Various Homestyle FavoritesSame options as complete meals section10
MeatloafClassic meatloaf with sides10
Sirloin Steak TipsSteak tips with sides10
Homemade Chicken & DumplingsA Southern comfort food classic10

A La Carte Options

Breakfast ItemsPancakes, sausage, bacon, hash browns, etc.
Lunch & Dinner EntreesChoose from your favorite Cracker Barrel dishes
Country SidesMac & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Fried Apples, etc.
Party PlattersCheeseburger Sliders, Barrel Bites (appetizers or sides)

Pricing And Delivery Information

Cost Estimates
Cracker Barrel Catering provides cost-effective, high-quality food options. Their breakfast catering includes an egg sandwich platter for $19.99, serving 8-10 people. Lunch and dinner are similarly priced, with a chicken and dumplings entrée at $62.99, feeding 12 people.
Delivery Options
Cracker Barrel Catering provides convenient delivery services for catering orders through partnerships with third-party delivery providers like DoorDash and Grubhub, ensuring timely arrival at your specified location. They also offer curbside pickup for customers who choose to collect their orders personally. Delivery fees and service availability might differ based on your location and the size of the catering order.

Frequently Asked Questions For Cracker Barrel Catering Menu

What Is The Cheapest Food To Cater?

Rice or pasta-based dishes, hot dogs, burritos, tacos, cookies, and muffins are cheap catering food ideas that are more affordable than sophisticated seafood or meat dishes.

What Is A Catering Organization?

A catering organization prepares and offers food, drinks, and other services for various customers, typically for special occasions, at remote locations such as hotels, restaurants, offices, concerts, and events. The catering sector includes companies that provide full meals, entrees, sides, desserts, and options for children, which can be prepared buffet-style or individually plated.

Catering organizations cater to the needs of their clients and plan orders according to their preferences, offering curbside or delivery services.

Does Cracker Barrel Have A Special Meal For Easter?

Yes, Cracker Barrel offers a special Easter meal consisting of Ham or Prime Rib Dinner To-Go.

What Types of Meals Are On Cracker Barrel’s Catering Menu?

Cracker Barrel’s catering menu features complete meals, entrees, sides, and desserts, with options that everyone will love.

Can I Order Cracker Barrel Catering For Delivery?

Yes, Cracker Barrel catering is available for delivery or pickup. You can easily place your order online.


The Cracker Barrel Catering Menu offers a selection of southern comfort food, ideal for event hosting. It provides both buffet-style and individually plated meals to cater to various preferences. Additionally, the availability of curbside pickup or delivery services simplifies the process of organizing an event.

Order Cracker Barrel catering for breakfast, lunch, and dinner online to enjoy delicious meals.

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