Giant Catering Menu

Giant offers catering services with a variety of party trays and prepared dinners, as well as desserts. They have several locations in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

The catering menu includes options for casual dinners with friends or elegant holiday parties, with platters, trays, and more available for in-store pickup. Whether it’s sandwiches, cheeses, or deli meats, there is something for everyone at Giant. Customers can also order online and save money on their first grocery delivery.

We will explore Giant’s catering menu, prices, and ordering process to help customers make an informed decision about catering for their next event.

Giant Catering Menu


Catering Options At Giant Food

Giant Food provides a wide selection of catering options to choose from.

  • Party Trays – Wide assortment of party trays and platters are available. From deli meats and cheeses to delicious finger foods, our party trays serve as the perfect appetizers for any occasion.
  • Fully Prepared Dinners – We also offer fully prepared dinners that are perfect for any celebration. Choose from a variety of meals and sides that feed a large group.
  • Desserts – No celebration is complete without desserts. We have many choices for any sweet tooth. From cakes and pies to cookies and ice cream, our desserts will satisfy any craving.

Our catering options are available for in-store pick-up only. To place an order, visit our catering menu on our website and select the options that best suit your needs.

Giant Catering Menu


Catering Services At Giant Food Stores

Are you hosting a casual dinner with friends or an elegant holiday party? Giant Food Stores offers catering services that will make your event a hit among guests. With a selection of party trays, fully prepared dinners, desserts, and more, your visitors will be feasting fabulously. Hormel Gatherings Hard, Cheese Tray, and Cubed Cheese Tray, and Boar’s Head or Giant deli meats and cheeses are some of the party tray options available. Apart from party trays and fully prepared dinners, the catering menu also includes platters and trays, perfect to serve for a celebration. So, why wait? Order now and delight your guests with the scrumptious Giant catering menu!

Catering Options Available: Catering Services Available Locations:
Party Trays Austin, Texas, United States
Fully prepared dinners
Hormel Gatherings Hard,Cheese Tray, and Cubed Cheese Tray
Boar’s Head or Giant deli meats and cheeses
Platters and Trays

Ordering From Giant Food Stores

If you’re looking for delicious food to cater for your next event, Giant Food Stores has got you covered. With an extensive catering menu and easy ordering options, hosting the perfect party has never been easier. Whether you’re looking to impress guests with hot meals or are searching for the perfect party platters and trays, Giant Food Stores has something for everyone. Plus, with in-store pickup available, you can easily grab your catering order on the day of your event.

Choose from a range of options, including fully prepared dinners, desserts, and a wide selection of party trays. Some of the popular party platters include Hormel Gatherings Hard Salami & Pepperoni Party Tray, Cubed Cheese Tray, and Cheese & Cracker Party Tray. You can save money by ordering online and taking advantage of the grocery delivery service that Giant Food offers.

From classic deli meats and cheeses to mouth-watering catering options like the BOSS and JERSEY GIANT sub, you can customize your catering order to perfectly suit your taste buds. Browse the Giant catering menu with prices online, and easily order through the giant catering order form pdf. Trust Giant Food to provide top-quality food and catering services for your next gathering.

Wide Assortment Of Party Trays

Choose from a wide assortment of party trays for your next event with Giant Catering Menu. From cheese trays to deli meats, fully prepared dinners, and desserts, Giant has everything you need for an unforgettable feast. Order now for in-store pickup and save money on your first order.

Looking for a Giant catering menu with a wide assortment of party trays? Order online and save money on your first order. With our selection of party platters, fully prepared dinners, desserts, and more, your guests will be feasting fabulously — and we can all toast to that! Choose from an array of platters such as cheese trays, cubed cheese trays, deli meats, sandwiches, and more. Thousands of other foods delivered to your home or office by us. You can also customize your sub sandwiches by choosing preferred meats, toppings, and condiments. Check out our catering options available for in-store pickup only. View our catering menu, select your desired options and place your order now!

Giant Deli At Peapod

Looking for delicious catering options in Austin, Texas? Look no further than Giant Deli at Peapod! With an extensive catering menu, including party trays filled with Boar’s Head and Giant deli meats and cheeses, your guests will be impressed and satisfied.

Order online and save today!

If you’re looking to cater for your next party, Giant Deli at Peapod has you covered with their party platters. With a wide assortment of party trays, you can easily feed your guests without the stress of cooking. From sliced provolone, yellow American, hot pepper, baby swiss, colby, and smokey sharp cheddar cheeses to a classic collection of Boar’s Head or Giant deli meats and cheeses, your guests will be feasting fabulously. You can order from the Giant Catering Menu online and save time. Remember, every sub can be customized to include your preferred meats, toppings and condiments. Order now and make your party a success with delicious food from Giant Deli at Peapod.

Catering Services At Edwards Food Giant

Edwards Food Giant offers an extensive Giant Catering Menu for any occasion. From deli fresh assortment of sliced provolone and baby swiss cheese to fully prepared dinners and desserts, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking for catering services in Austin, Texas, Edwards Food Giant has got you covered. Our catering menu features a wide variety of options including a delicious assortment of sliced cheeses. You can also customize your own subs to your liking. Our cheese tray includes deli-fresh slices of provolone, yellow American, hot pepper, baby swiss, colby, and smokey sharp cheddar cheeses. Plus, we offer cubed cheese tray. Whether you’re hosting a casual dinner with friends or putting on an elegant holiday party, our catering services make hosting a breeze. And with Giant Food, you can order online and save time. Try our catering options now!
Giant Catering Menu


Frequently Asked Questions On Giant Catering Menu

What Catering Services Does Giant Offer?

Giant offers a variety of catering services including party trays, fully prepared dinners, desserts, and more.

What Types Of Cuisine Are Available On Giant’s Catering Menu?

Giant’s catering menu offers a wide range of cuisines including Italian, American, Mexican, and Asian.

Does Giant Cater To Dietary Restrictions?

Yes, Giant caters to dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.

How Early Should I Place My Catering Order With Giant?

It’s recommended to place your catering order with Giant at least 24-48 hours in advance.

Does Giant Provide Delivery Services For Catering Orders?

Giant offers in-store pickup only for their catering services, but some locations do offer delivery services for an additional fee.


If you’re looking for a catering option that will have your guests feasting fabulously, look no further than Giant Catering Menu. With a wide selection of platters, trays, and fully prepared dinners, hosting a party has never been easier. You can customize your order to include your preferred meats, toppings, and condiments and serve your guests like a boss.

With affordable prices and options for everyone, Giant Catering Menu is your go-to when it comes to catering in Austin, Texas.

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