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Order hot and world-famous Kentucky Fried Chicken from KFC Catering Menu for your next event in Austin, Texas. KFC, a fast-food restaurant chain, offers catering options for anyone looking to enjoy its famous fried chicken, sandwiches, and platters.

Its catering menu includes KFC’s signature dishes, such as chicken tenders, nuggets, sandwiches, and buckets, as well as sides, desserts, and drinks. With KFC’s catering services, you can add a delicious touch to any event, from weddings to corporate events, and enjoy hot and freshly prepared meals without the hassle.

Additionally, KFC is an affordable catering option, as it offers a variety of catering packages that can accommodate any budget and group size. So, why settle for pizza or deli sandwiches when you can have KFC’s finger-lickin’ good chicken delivered to your event? Visit KFC Catering Menu’s website to place your order today.

Catering Options

If you are looking for a catering option that will satisfy your guests, why not try KFC catering? KFC offers a wide range of catering options, including KFC Platters, Wedding Catering, and Box Meals. KFC Platters are perfect for any event, with options like the Finger Lickin’ Good Platter, the Boneless Platter, and the Hot & Spicy Platter. For wedding catering, KFC offers packages that include buckets of Original Recipe or Extra Crispy chicken, sides, and biscuits. If you want something more individualized, try their Box Meals, which come with a choice of chicken, a side, and a biscuit. KFC catering is perfect for any event, so order online today to get finger lickin’ food delivered to your doorstep.

Popular Items

Popular Items
Chicken Sandwich: KFC’s classic chicken fillet sandwich with pickles and mayo on a sesame seed bun.
Chicken Pizza: Delicious pizza with a crispy chicken topping, available in various sizes to suit any event.
Chicken Nuggets: Bite-sized pieces of KFC’s famous chicken, perfect for any party or gathering.
Chicken Tenders: Tender, juicy chicken strips coated in KFC’s signature breading. Served with your choice of dipping sauce.

Looking for catering options for your next event? KFC has you covered with their extensive catering menu featuring popular items such as chicken sandwiches, chicken pizza, chicken nuggets, and chicken tenders. The chicken sandwich is a classic favorite with a crispy chicken fillet, pickles, and mayo on a sesame seed bun. The chicken pizza is a unique and delicious option with a crispy chicken topping that comes in various sizes to fit any group size. Chicken nuggets and chicken tenders are perfect for any event with bite-sized and tender juicy chicken that is coated with KFC’s signature breading. Check out KFC’s catering menu to find the perfect meal for your next event.

Secret Menu

KFC offers a secret menu in addition to their regular menu. The secret menu includes items such as the Double Down, which is a sandwich with two pieces of fried chicken instead of bread, the Zinger, which is a spicy chicken sandwich, and the KFC Gravy Burger, which is a hamburger topped with gravy. If you want to try these secret menu items, you can ask your server at the restaurant. Additionally, you can find some of these items available for catering orders through KFC’s catering services. You can order catering online at caterkfc.com or through services like ezCater and GrubHub.

If you’re in Austin, Texas, you can find KFC catering services near you. You can visit the KFC website to locate KFC restaurants in Austin. You can also find KFC catering menu and prices through their official website kfccaters.com or mckenziefoods.com which is also listed on the KFC catering page. Their catering menu offers platters, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, nuggets, and buckets of chicken at reasonable prices.

Kfc Catering Menu

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Enjoy the world-famous Kentucky Fried Chicken at your next event with KFC Catering Menu. You can conveniently order catering online, and KFC will deliver finger-licking chicken nuggets, tenders, or their signature bucket to your doorstep. With the KFC Catering menu, you can say goodbye to pizza and deli sandwiches at your next gathering in Austin, Texas.

Order Online: Visit caterkfc.com to place your KFC catering order for your upcoming event.
KFC Locations: Find a KFC location near you by visiting locations.kfc.com.
Catering Near Me: To find KFC catering near you, visit ezcater.com and enter your zip code.
Looking to cater your next event with KFC? Ordering is easy with the convenient online ordering system at caterkfc.com. Need to find a KFC location nearby? Simply visit locations.kfc.com to find the closest restaurant to you. And for those searching for KFC catering near them, visit ezcater.com and enter your zip code to see available options. Don’t settle for pizza or sandwiches – let KFC bring their world-famous fried chicken to your next event.

Menu And Prices

Discover KFC Catering Menu for your next event or party in Austin, Texas. With a variety of platters and buckets, you can order online and enjoy hot, world-famous Kentucky Fried Chicken delivered to you. Check out KFC catering menu prices at caterkfc.

com or place your order at ezCater.

KFC Catering Menu Price
KFC Platters Starting from $29.99
Chicken Bucket Starting from $19.99
Chicken Tenders Meal $7.89
Chicken Sandwich Meal $6.99
Chicken Nuggets Starting from $29.99
Looking for KFC Catering Menu with Prices? KFC offers a wide variety of catering options at affordable prices. Our catering menu includes KFC Platters and Chicken Buckets starting from $19.99. You can also try our Chicken Sandwich Meal and Chicken Tenders Meal starting from $6.99 and $7.89 respectively. Catering from KFC is ideal for weddings, office lunches, and parties. So, order KFC Catering Menu online today and surprise your guests with finger-licking good food! Remember, KFC Bucket Specials are available today, so make sure to check them out, too!
Kfc Catering Menu

Credit: ajskfc.com

Kfc Catering Menu

Credit: ajskfc.com

Frequently Asked Questions On Kfc Catering Menu

What’s In A Kfc Party Bucket?

A KFC party bucket contains a selection of chicken pieces in original recipe or extra crispy, with sides like biscuits and mac and cheese. Order online for catering.

What Comes In The $30 Fill Up Box At Kfc?

The $30 fill up box at KFC includes 8 pieces of original recipe or extra crispy chicken, a large coleslaw, 4 biscuits, and 2 large mashed potatoes with gravy. Order online at caterkfc. com for your next event.

What Is A $20 Dollar Fill Up Bucket At Kfc?

The $20 dollar fill-up bucket at KFC is a meal that includes 8 pieces of chicken, one large cole slaw, four biscuits, and two large mashed potatoes with gravy. It’s perfect for a family of four and provides an easy and convenient way to enjoy a delicious KFC meal.

Is There A Kfc Secret Menu?

Yes, there is a KFC secret menu which includes items such as the Double Down, Zinger, and KFC Gravy Burger. These items are not openly advertised on the regular menu, but can be ordered if you know about them.

What Are The Catering Options Available On The Kfc Menu?

KFC offers a variety of catering options, including platters, boxed meals, and individual meals for groups.


Ordering from KFC catering menu is a great choice for your next event in Austin, Texas. With a variety of options like platters, chicken sandwiches, and nuggets, you can feed a crowd with the finger-licking good flavors people love. Don’t settle for the usual catering options, switch it up with KFC catering.

Plus, with the convenience of ordering online, you can focus on enjoying the event rather than worrying about food. Check out KFC’s catering menu today!

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