Kroger Catering Menu

Kroger offers a diverse catering menu which includes deli meat and cheese, chicken wings, sandwich platters, party trays, and more. Customers can order online or pick up in-store.

If you are planning an event in Austin, Texas, and looking for catering options, Kroger is definitely worth considering. With their extensive catering menu, Kroger provides customers with a variety of choices to suit any palate or occasion. From deli meat and cheese to sandwich platters and party trays, all of your catering needs can be fulfilled at Kroger.

Customers can conveniently place orders online or in-store at their nearest Kroger location. With free delivery options available and a 30-day return policy, Kroger makes catering your event easy and stress-free. Let Kroger help make your event a success with their delicious and fresh catering options.

Kroger Catering Menu


Introduction To Kroger Catering Menu

Discover the diverse and delectable Kroger catering menu featuring party platters, sandwich trays, cheese and deli meat, fruit and cheese trays, and more. With free delivery over $30 and easy returns, Kroger is your one-stop-shop for all your catering needs in Austin, Texas.

Kroger Catering Menu offers a variety of food options for events and gatherings. They provide sandwich trays, cheese platters, fruit platters, deli meats, party platters, snack platters, and many others. Kroger is a reliable catering option with the added convenience of online ordering. They offer 30-day returns, free 1-day delivery on orders over $x and a range of options to choose from. With a rich selection of party foods that include Hormel Gatherings®, hard salami, pepperoni, cheese and crackers, and honey brushetta, you get to pick what’s right for your event. Kroger Deli also offers tea sandwich platters and bakery items. Kroger delivers across the United States, including Austin, Texas.

Kroger Deli Meat, Cheese, And Catering

Kroger Catering Menu offers a variety of options for any occasion. From sandwich platters to cheese trays, their deli meat and catering services are perfect for events big or small. With convenient online ordering and free delivery, Kroger has you covered for all your catering needs in Austin, Texas, United States.

Kroger offers a variety of options for catering needs. Their deli department is a great place to start when looking for party platters. The deli features fine cheeses, sliced meats, and ready-made items. Check out the cheese tray for a variety of cheese options or the sandwich platter for sliced meat sandwiches. Kroger even has a cheese platter or sandwich tray that is ready to go. If you’re looking for something even simpler, Kroger has party platters that are made to order and can be easily picked up in-store. With Kroger’s catering, there’s no need to stress over party food.

Kroger Deli Party Trays

Kroger catering menu offers juicy and savory deli party trays that will satisfy your guests’ palates. Choose from a range of options like cheese platters, fruit trays, sandwich platters, and sandwich trays for a stress-free and enjoyable party experience.

Kroger Deli Party Trays are a great choice if you are hosting a party or gathering with friends and family. These party trays include an assortment of delicious foods like sandwiches, fruits, cheese, and more. Some of the ingredients that are included in these trays are bread, ham, turkey, cheese, fruits, and vegetables. Kroger offers a variety of ordering options for these party trays, including online ordering, in-store pickup, and delivery. You can also customize your party trays according to your preferences and dietary requirements. With Kroger Deli Party Trays, you can be sure that your guests will be satisfied with the scrumptious food options. Order now and make your party a success!
Kroger Catering Menu


Kroger Party Platters In Deli Department

Get ready for your next party with Kroger’s Party Platters, available in the deli department. Choose from a variety of options including cheese trays, sandwich platters, and fruit platters. Perfect for any occasion, order now from Kroger’s catering menu.

Kroger offers a variety of party platters in their deli department that are perfect for any occasion. These party platters include cheese trays, sandwich platters, fruit trays, and more. You can choose from a variety of menu options depending on your budget and the number of guests you are expecting. Additionally, Kroger offers both pickup and delivery options for your convenience. Whether you are planning a small gathering or a big event, Kroger party platters are a great choice. With free day delivery and easy returns, there is no better way to make your party a success than with Kroger catering menu.

Kroger Bakery & Deli

Kroger Bakery & Deli in Austin, TX offers a variety of catering options with their Kroger Catering Menu. From sandwich platters to cheese trays to fruit arrangements, they have something for every occasion. Order online for pickup or delivery.

Kroger offers a wide variety of bakery and deli offerings, including items such as their famous chicken wings, cheese tray, fruit tray, and sandwich platter. Their deli meat options are also sure to please any crowd. Adding these items to your event’s menu is a great way to offer a little something for everyone. Customers can easily shop for party platters online, and Kroger offers free delivery and returns. Whether you’re catering a large event or just having a small gathering, Kroger’s bakery and deli items are a great addition to any menu.
Kroger Catering Menu


Kroger Catering Chicken

Kroger Catering Menu includes delicious options such as chicken, deli meat, cheese, and fruit platters. Order online and enjoy free delivery over $30 with 30-day returns. Check out Kroger’s party platters and catering options for your next big event in Austin, Texas.

Kroger offers a variety of delicious chicken catering menu options to satisfy the taste buds of your guests. Their menu includes classic fried chicken, wings, tenders, and grilled chicken, among other mouth-watering options. Pricing information for each dish varies depending on the quantity ordered and location. However, you can enjoy free-day delivery on orders over $30, and 30-day returns. Ordering from Kroger is a hassle-free process, and you can do it in just a few clicks. Visit the Kroger website, browse their catering menu, select your preferred dishes, choose your quantities, and place your order. It’s that simple! Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large event, Kroger catering has got you covered with its delicious chicken dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions For Kroger Catering Menu

What Options Are Included In The Kroger Catering Menu?

Kroger Catering Menu includes sandwich trays, cheese trays, fruit trays, deli meat, chicken wings, and much more.

Can I Order Online From The Kroger Catering Menu?

Yes, you can order Kroger Catering Menu online. You can also choose pickup or delivery options.

Is The Kroger Catering Menu Budget-friendly?

Yes, Kroger Catering Menu has a variety of options to fit any budget.

What Kind Of Events Can I Cater With The Kroger Catering Menu?

Kroger Catering Menu offers party platters and trays for all kinds of events, from family gatherings to corporate events.

How Do I Find Kroger Stores Offering Catering In My Area?

You can find Kroger stores offering catering in your area by using the store locator on their website and selecting the “Catering” option.


With Kroger’s extensive and delicious catering menu, hosts do not need to worry about preparing food for their guests. Kroger has various party platters and trays, sandwich platters, and other party-catering supplies that cater to every occasion and event. The convenience of ordering catering items online with free-day delivery over $30 and 30-day returns make it easy for hosts to plan a memorable event.

So, the next time you want to host a gathering, consider Kroger’s catering services to impress your guests with tasty food.

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